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Not all lasers are the same and not just any laser can safely remove tattoos. The Belle Clinic in London has the most advanced active Q-Switch ND:YAG laser for tattoo removal. This is the only type of laser that is safe and effective for the removal of tattoos. Our lasers can fade away tattoos of various size and colour.


Tattoos are of two main types: the Indian ink, amateur tattoo or the multi-coloured, professional tattoo. Single-colour tattoos usually respond best to laser tattoo removal. Multi-coloured, professional tattoos are much more difficult to eradicate completely. Black, blue, red, orange and brown colours in the tattoo respond best to treatment, but yellow, white pigment can be more difficult. However, you can be rest assured that regardless of the tattoo colour we have the most suitable laser for you.

Your tattoo will be assessed and, in the majority of cases, laser tattoo removal will be recommended. if you look for tattoo removal with laser in london why

not contact Belle clinic.





This treatment is for you if:

> You wish you never had a tattoo

> You are looking to fade a tattoo for a new design

> You need to remove a tattoo to help pursue your career.

Laser Tattoo Removal

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before treatment

After one session (4 weeks)

After second session (8 weeks)

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After second session (8 weeks)

Before treatment

tattoo removal

Tattoo laser removal London

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*Results may vary from patient to patient*