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What is VeinWave treatment?

Veinwave uses a new method called thermo-coagulation. It can be used on any type of skin, without causing bruising and there is no need for bandages. One treatment session lasts about 15 minutes and can treat up to 30 cm of veins on any part of the body. There are no major side effects, no allergic reactions and no bruising. It can be used on sensitive areas of the body.


What we treat:

Tread vein

Spider vein


Skin Tag

Any Age Spot (Red or Brown spot)


What should i expect during veinwave treatment?

Prior to Veinwave treatment, the area to be treated should be free of make-up, self-tanning products, and spray-on tanning products. Veinwave utilizes a proprietary delivery of pinpoint thermocoagulation, providing a relatively painless walk in walk out procedure, with no risk of significant bruising, scarring or pigmentation. The sensation to most is similar to a warm pin prick, others relate it to a minor sting which does not linger - often it depends upon the location of the treatment. With minimal discomfort, the treatment a preferred alternative to painful dermal lasers and light-based treatments and is undoubtedly more effective.


How many treatments will I need?

This depends on how many spider veins you have and how easy it is to treat your leg. Each session involves nearly 250 pulses so about 30-50cm of spider veins can be treated. Most people can be treated in 1 session but some in 3 to 5 sessions.


Will the Veinwave treatment be permanent?

Spider veins can recur or new areas can be affected so it may be necessary to have several sessions over months or years.


Will this treat mattes of spider veins?

Absolutely! Some of the best results come from treating the mattes that were caused by sclerotherapy injections or similar treatments. The tiny vessels are difficult to treat with lasers and other technologies, but the Veinwave provides a very high level of patient satisfaction.


How long until patients can resume normal activity?

The patient may immediately return to normal activity.


How does the treated area look afterward?

Most vessels almost completely disappear immediately after treatment. Some people have a response that resembles a "cat scratch" - with pinkness which will quickly subside. The tiny "micro-scabs" will flake away over the next few days. In some cases, they may appear darker after treatment.


Does the Veinwave work on rosacea?

The Veinwave has been widely used for rosacea. The Veinwave is very successful at removing the symptoms of rosacea (removing the vascular areas), but not actually curing the disease. The number of treatment sessions depends on severity of the disease state.


Are there any side effects?

A common side effect is a varying degree of bruising which tends to disappear within several weeks. Other possible but less common side effects include mild swelling, discomfort, skin discoloration and scarring. 


Do I have to wear the dressings/bandages?

It is never necessary to wear any compression garments.


Is the operation going to be painful?

Some patients have a mild discomfort, but it is very tolerable - especially compared to electrolysis, laser, or intense pulsed light treatments. It is not necessary to use any anesthetic needed for the Veinwave procedures. In fact, it is advised NOT to use anesthetics because they can cause undesired vasodilation (widening of the vessels).


Is scarring a concern?

No, provided it is used by trained and qualified personnel.


Summary of the benefits with the Veinwave procedure

  • Fast treatment time, facial spider veins instantly disappear.

  • Almost no discomfort – a walk in – walk out procedure.

  • No bruising, scarring or pigmentation

  • No recovery time

  • Ability to successfully treat sensitive areas like the face, ankles and knees

  • Proven procedure, minimally invasive

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